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Quit smoking: it is the high time to be alert

If any quiz contest the question is asked what the most popular addiction is in the modern society, naturally the answer will be smoking. We all know that but have you ever thought what the actual reason behind it? Yes, you are right. Smoking is such a habit which you can enjoy throughvarious forms. You can have cigarette, cigar and pipe. Apart from this there are hookah and other glass pipes. Since long it has been branded to be a fashion statement. No, smoking to most of us is not just a means of addiction. We often do it just to look smart and cool. Are you a fan of Hollywood? Then just think of the movies of John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart or Clint Eastwood. Who among us don’t want to be that crazy cowboy of “The good, The bad and The ugly”? Though smoking is mostly considered to be a male pursuit, the women are not also far behind in the practice.
Now apart from the fashion part, if you try to find out the real reasons of taking resort to smoking, you will find that the actual reason basically lies in the wrap of comfort. Often it is our idea that smoking is the best way to ease the stress and tension of our mind. It is almost undeniable that today we are living in the world of rat race. Our mode of living has become complicated enough. To get rid of the ever increasing pressure of the day to day existence, we find only one way out that is smoking. But in the guise of a friend, it is simply the worst antagonist of us.
If you are unaware of it, you will just be shivered having known the negativity of it. Lung cancer and chronic bronchitis can happen anytime and there are so many other side effects of it.
But if you simply put why it is so hard to quit smoking, the one and the obvious answer is nicotine. Nicotine is such an addictive which causes both physical and psychological addiction at the same time. Nicotine interferes in the activities of our nervous system and gives us a relaxing sensation. This is basically a psychological mirage which makes us “illusioned” by temporarily freeing from the stress. Actually it makes us forward step by step towards a very familiar term that is death.
Whenever you smoke a cigarette, mind that your body is being gradually adapted to nicotine. And with the progress of time, you will have to inhale increasing amount of nicotine as your nicotine metabolism rate is increasing rapidly.
Indeed quitting smoking is not easy. You have to have tremendous mental power for it. Because not only you have to be prepared to leave the so called stress relief that smoking gives to you but also you have to face several withdrawal symptoms. Mind it you may feel very restless and impatient when you will not find your favorite brand with you at the time of any sort of mental agitation. You may fall prey to diverse psychosomatic disorders such as headache and so on. Apart from that you may find disturbance in your sleep. Even you may feel trouble while trying to concentrate.
Yes, it is tough but not impossible at all. All that you need is sheer mental courage. Just keep a resolution that you will stop smoking. Fix a specific date to be your quit smoking day. Take help from your physician and family members to battle with the withdrawal syndromes. Rest assured that many people are leading happy life after quit smoking. If they can, you will also be able to do that.

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